How can I cancel Delta airlines flight ticket

There could be times or possibilities where you may have booked the ticket with Delta airlines and may have come to a situation where you may want to cancel your tickets. If that is so then one important thing which the passengers should be well versed with is Delta airline's cancellation policy. In case you are unaware of the same then this section of the tutorial will help the passengers to get all the necessary information with regards to Delta airline's cancellation policy.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

One of the biggest advantages which passengers get by booking tickets in Delta airlines is that in case they are willing to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking then in that case they can expect 100% of the refund amount. In such cases, only the transaction charges would be deducted.

It also depends upon the time frame in which the passengers are canceling the ticket. The closer the time frame the higher the charges would be deducted. The more the time frame the lesser the amount deducted.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Charges

Passengers need to check if their ticket is not included in the no cancellation fee then a cancellation fee of $200 would be charged depending upon the itinerary and the remaining amount would be given as e-credit. There would be an expiration date which would depend upon the terms and conditions and any applicable waivers.

In case the passengers have booked a non-refundable ticket then, there wouldn’t be any refund case even if they are willing to cancel their tickets.

There would be no cancellation fee in case of the below-mentioned conditions

  • Delta airlines in case the passengers have booked the tickets after August 10, 2021, within the US, Puerto Rico, and USVI.
  • Delta tickets for travel between the Caribbean and the US or Mexico
  • Any of the tickets that have been booked from North America to any part of the world

Apart from this, the passengers can feel if there is something that still remains unresolved then they are always welcome to contact us. We have different modes of assistance through which easy assistance can be offered to the passengers to get the query resolved in one go without any hassles.

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